Oshima Intermediate Paddy Selection Machin

Re-sorting good brown rice from the exit of paddy selection machine

What is intermediate rice ... ordinary rice is a rice taking from selection machine with a mesh size of 1.85 mm or more, but selects rice grain which is close to ordinary rice come from small rice window is called intermediate rice. Depending on varieties and adjustment methods, it is said that some taste and price are higher than older general rice, and it is also used for staple foods and rice cakes.

Using Large Diameter Selection Net

It has a processing capacity that can be used as a rice selection machine for rice shipment of small rice hulls by a large diameter selection net.

Easy cleaning and replacement of net

Replacement and cleaning of screening net can be done without tools.

Easily set at the small rice exit of sorting weighing machine. Height can also change.

The height of the entry window can be set in 4 stages ,and it can be set for other maker of rice selection machines.

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