Oshima Seeds / Wheat drying machine

Installed Low temperature soft drying system and used fluorescent display controller

The grain condition read out by the microcomputer and realize ideal drying with software. Gentle drying nurtures life of the seed’s germination gently.

Moisture meter measures moisture of each single grain when that was putting in.
The microcomputer performs optimum drying control by this moisture data.

Low temperature large air flow fan

Equipped low temperature large air flow fan in 600 mm for RT50S, RT40S, RT36S type and 580 mm for RT32S,
RT24S type. Sending low temperature air in large amount and drying the grains gently.


The side plates attached to the left and right are easily opened.
Grains and dust remain in the machine can remove easily.

Equipped the residual drawer at the bottom of the machine.
Excellent workability because it becomes the front drawer.
It is very convenient for different types of grains drying and maintenance.

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