Oshima Infrared Rays Drying Machine NX Series (NX 27~NX15)

To Delicious Rice

As the grains circulate inside the machine, "Infrared Rays" radiate uniformly to all grains. Moisture evaporates promptly.
As a feature of infrared rays, if the distance to the object is far, the effect is extremely low.
The PRO series radiator has the shape that approaches the flow plate and irradiates infrared rays in parallel for a long distance.

In the upper part of the drying section, the flow of hot air circulating inside the machine is made more efficient due to new design. It efficiently mixed the hot air of the infrared heat source and the outside air, so that the mixed hot air spreads unevenly in the machine and promotes drying.

More Quietly

Using centrifugal fan for dust exhaust fan,
grain circulation is very quiet.

Usage of centrifugal fans is excellent choice for quietness for dust fans. You can continue your work without worrying about the neighborhood even at night. The sound of grain circulation is also very quiet. Attached soundproof board on elevator and the top of the main unit is made to prevent noisy sound.

More Cleanly

Concentrated dust of trash and straw by inserting Coarse selection Machine.
A new dust collecting mechanism , applying the wind picking technology of the hulling machine ,was devised at the point ◯ in the right figure (pending utility model application). Next process of rice grinding also becomes much easier.

Easier Layout

The rear exhaust fan (centrifugal fan) can freely change the exhaust air direction according to the installation location.

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