Representative Director Koichi Oshima

Since our establishment in 1917 (Taisho 6 years), we have decided to engrave a 100-year history with thanks. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to everyone of farmers using our products regularly, our suppliers who strongly support our company, and our employees who spend their efforts actively.

As an agricultural manufacturer, we are aiming for mechanization and consistent systemization to agriculture. With steady progressing, we are committed for the development of various agricultural machines that make possible to release from hard labor along with the Motto of "Create happiness for agricultural producers".

Starting with the power threshing machine "Haougo" which is the basis of threshing machine production technology, the Hulling Machine as the first in Japan, "KORICA" which improved from three-dimensional type to flat type machine for grain, Binder, combine, circulation type drying machine "Royal Temper", etc., we have constantly leading in agricultural machinery industry.

In recent years, swing selective jet type rice grinder with no rolls "Bun Bun Maru", promoted infrared rays drying machine and the latest ICT integrated infrared rays drying machine are developed and manufactured for agricultural producers’ needs. In addition, we are proactively entering into new fields such as development and manufacturing of small construction machinery (mini hydraulic excavator), established as a stable business and we have built a solid business foundation.

We will continue to respond to diverse needs over era with reliable technology and make efforts to contribute to society through the provision of superior products. We would deeply appreciate your continued warm support and encouragement.