We would like to wish warmly for the heavyrain disaster


Thank you very much for your continuedsupport.

We would like to express our sincerecondolences to those who were suffering from the recent heavy rain in WesternJapan and the other disasters that occurred throughout the country.

At our company we will do our best withthe dealer from whom you purchased our products that have suffered fromdisasters unfortunately.

First of all please check the personalsafety and visually check the product state visually.

When damage can be confirmed pleasecontact to the dealer you purchased or directly to our sales office.

To prevent the electric shock please donot turn on the power supply. Since the inside may be wet even though it isdried on the surface.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Wesincerely pray for the earliest reconstruction from the bottom of mind and wewill support you.


Oshima Agricultural Manufacturing Co. Ltd.